Social Media Break- No Announcements

Hello Everyone!!!

Before my most recent pictures across my social media platforms I hadn’t posted for 7 days.

A week is long for me not to post and I’ll tell you why. As an entrepreneur continuously building and growing the Miss Trish brand, (by myself), it is critical that I keep on going. However, in a situation like mine, and working for myself it can be mentally exhausting.

I already have prior responsibilities to deal with on a daily basis, so that takes up so much of my time. Then, I still have to produce and post, if I want to continue to gain amazing followers, customers, and readers like you.

YES, I did watch the Social Dilemma, but that had very little to do with my decision. I wanted a break. A mental BREAK, because in my mind, I felt broken. Something inside of me was no longer connecting to my well-being. So, I put my phone down,

& reconnected with my mind, body, & soul.

I hadn’t journaled in forever. I hadn’t read the book I started, I didn’t exercise, I didn't cook. You can easily beat this down to lack of time management, however that was far from the case. I was avoiding myself, in order to make sure my audience was entertained. You can sum this up even further to: I was taking care of everyone else but myself. ←- Which started to be the theme of my life back in 2014.

After many times of stopping and starting, I decided to put myself first for a change. I then started to gain traction from my audience, which resulted in the dangerous cycle of putting myself last again, but this time in a different way.

I decided to keep my decision quiet, because I personally feel like not everything needs an announcement. There is power is silence and moving to the beat of your own drum. I also wanted to re-ground myself and make smarter decisions.

What I learned on my 7 day mind and self cleanse:

  • I REALLY AM ENOUGH. - For any and every situation


  • AT TIMES, I NEED TO THINK BEFORE I MAKE MOVES - Sometimes, I work harder than I should

  • I NEED TIME TO MYSELF- Because it’s extremely important to my life. Point, blank, Period.

  • I CAN AND I WILL WITH NO EXCUSES I will not let fear, anything from my past, or negativity allow me to STOP anymore.

Let me add, that I cried, I laughed, I stopped and smelled the roses several times during those 7 days. I came to grips of truths I had been denying, I had conversations that needed to be had, and I faced myself in every single way. It was a learning experience and all in all:


I will do it again for a longer period of time, as it was helpful and needed for my journey.

So, do you think you can do this? Or you don’t know where to start? Well download my guide that I created to get you started on your social media and phone separation.

TRUST ME when I say… this will help you A LOT!

Download it here:

Miss trish's (1)
Download PDF • 1.16MB

If you guys are interested in some more self-love work, you can check out my daily inspirational notebook.

Sending you love and hugs always,

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