Self VS. Self- Sabotage

Self- Sabotage - When we actively or passively take steps to prevent ourselves from reaching our goals.

Have I done this : YES, Have you done this? Chances are YES, this is probably why you’re here.

Let’s dissect this. Why do we do this to ourselves?

The most common reasons are fear, lack of self-esteem, and avoidance of things that are difficult or uncomfortable.

For myself: it was because it made me feel like I was in control. I was so busy trying to keep track of everything, or trying to make sure everything went smoothly that I stopped myself from going further. It was also fear of not being able to measure up to the last great project I accomplished.

A lot of

“ what if”...

questions come into my mind.

Many doubts, many negative talks, and thoughts about

“ what if people don’t like this?”


That is what I have tattooed on my left wrist. Besides it needing to be touched up, I now look down at it often to guide me. I ask myself questions like:

"How can I allow myself to feel fear of these detrimental thoughts when the answer is right on my body? "

The answer may not be on everyone’s body, but the answer is definitely within.

We have to realize when we are getting in our own way. At times we know exactly what we are doing, yet we commit ourselves to being comfortable and procrastinating.

Nothing good comes from comfort zones right?

So why do we like to stay that way?

Because many of us were conditioned with the mentality of If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”

That saying only takes you as far as you want it too.

If you want to stay stuck, believing there is no room for you to grow,

and consider that your form of happiness, then that is okay.


if you want to explore more of what life has to offer;

while providing your gift to the universe,

you’re going to have to encourage yourself to get up and get,

because the world is waiting on you!!!

We were all made for a purpose. Some, it is to stay in the same place, and do the same things, others it’s to get out and grow, and teach stagnant people to evolve, if they are willing too.

Life is mainly about choice . Everything we do, we choose. Therefore mindset is key, and that is where we have to begin adjusting.

Here are 7 ways to stop self-sabotaging yourself.

  • POSITIVE Self-Talk is key. Say kind words to yourself, but don’t forget that tough love and discipline are effective and needed as well.

  • Make small, steady changes. When you rush in cold turkey, it can be a rough transition. Although immediate changes may work for some, change is inevitable and something that you have to do at your own pace.

  • Set Goals. Even if the goal is something such as writing down a short task list for the day, and accomplishing each of them, then you’re on your way to the right path . Start with the hardest thing first and then work backwards. This helps 100%.

  • STOP PROCRASTINATING. Yes...we have time, but remember time waits for no one, so the more you sit there and let time pass you by, the more opportunities, and lessons are passing you by too.

  • BE consistent. - When you start to evolve, keep on evolving. Do whatever you have to do to keep progressing. Set alarms as reminders on your devices to get your work effectively done. Don't rush. Work smarter not harder.

  • Be Mindful of your distractions. Set some quiet time aside to fully work on what you set out to do. Take off your phone, tv, music, or whatever you usually run towards instead of doing your work.

  • Reward yourself when all is said and done. Don’t be caught up thinking that you have to be increasingly busy with little to no rest in order to be successful. You need a clear mind to keep your motivation going. Reward yourself as a thank you for your greatness, and for believing in your ability to make it happen. Don’t over indulge, as too much of anything is no good, but as soon as you're done, get back in there and get your stuff done. You can and will do it.

It is always best to sit with yourself and think about what you truly want out of everything you set out to do.

Remember that if you fall, get right back up.

Take that decline and turn it into a declaration that you aren’t giving up.

Limiting yourself is not the answer, levelling up is.

The more you believe in yourself, the better your outcome.

“ If procrastination is the energy of starting, perfectionism is the enemy of finishing”
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