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Updated: Jan 11

Just a quick check in: How is everyone doing 7 days in?

For myself I’m great; and it’s simply because I am rested! Let me start off with my first R Word.

REALIZATION- This one may relate to you too.

  • I/You can’t be everything to everyone ALL the time. You need a break.

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*** I’m full of love more than ever before. However, I've just decided that for my own peace, I won’t be giving it out like I used too. ***

There is no disclaimer needed here because my friends and my family know how much I love them, and how much I’m there for them. Yet, I need a break. I can’t spread myself thin anymore. Not that I can’t, let me rephrase that… I WON’T. This decision was made a LONG ass time ago, but then many life events came about that I made a decision to help with. We often say we have no choice, but the truth is: WE DO.

I was so busy paying attention, listening, paying for things, not sleeping, and just overall being “there” that I lost focus on myself and my glow up. Has this ever happened to you? Now I’m not saying it’s bad to do these things. It’s amazing to be a genuinely great person. What you give out, you get back… (most times). However it’s important to also realize when you are consuming too much of everyone else's problems and forgetting about everything you’ve got going on.


Ah, my favorite “R” word. Society has a way of showing us that “hustle and bustle...24/7/365” is the way to go. NOPE. Well at least not for me. I need to rest. Sleep is so needed. How can one focus clearly without sleep? I was a hustler, bustler, mover, shaker, all the time, and with that I wasn’t taking care of myself AT ALL. I missed out on my books that I started reading and writing, I didn’t catch up on my favorite TV shows, I wasn’t taking care of my needs. All because I was always TIRED. So now, at a certain time… I turn off my phone, social media, and any other distractions, and I just lay there peacefully.


I sure have amazing people in my life. I sure am an amazing person. In my heart, I know what’s meant for me will always be for me, and I love it. That’s a security within me that I don’t worry about. I want to encourage you not to worry about that either. Life is a crazy standing roller coaster. Questions tend to rise.. What am I? What do I stand for? What do I want? Who do I want to do it with? Things like that.

Those questions are great. Ask yourself those questions until you feel at peace with the answers you get.


This one is to myself: STOP RUSHING!!! WOOOAAHHH did I ever have a BIG problem with rushing; and that’s because I was battling with patience. I wanted everything NOW. Many of us are like this and it takes discipline to slow down. It's not just something someone tells you to do, and it's done.... you have to actually condition yourself to take your time. What I realized while slowing down, is that many things are done a lot better. So if you're like me, and you battle with your patience, talk yourself into taking your time, the reward in the end is great!


Our words have power. These are my R words to myself which I apply inwards before projecting outwards. You figure out what words work for you and apply them to your journey. Take your time, keep some aspects sacred, and love yourself genuinely.

Much Love to you,

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