Being Grateful is Easier

Updated: Jan 11

Now is the time to be grateful. You are awake, you're alive and you're reading one of the best

blogs on the planet !!

But really...when is the last time you sat down with yourself and said

"You know...I'm really grateful for such and such"...


You owe it to yourself to be grateful because when you start appreciating the things around you, those things become everything you need. It's not always about material things and money.

The things that are most meaningful in life really can't be bought.

Money is fantastic, but let's be real, as a result of the many "expose-a's" going down

here in 2020, haven't you noticed that some of the richest people in the world are the saddest, loneliest, and just overall unhappy? That's not cool. What's a bunch of material things with no peace?


It's all about paying attention. The simplest things are the most beautiful.

Gratitude also means peacefulness. Your energy is lighter when you can just go about your day without stressing over what you don't have. The aura of working with what you have flows easy because you learn to work within your means. The universe tends to work so magically, that while you're being grateful, you start to receive great amounts of abundance.


Of course! You set the tone of your day from the minute you wake up. So if you choose to roll over and grab your phone first thing in the AM, then see all the negativity on social media... and take that all in personally...THEN... that's your choice. However, if you lay in bed, and spend some time with yourself and reflect on having a great day, focusing on what you're absolutely grateful for, then you're going to have a positive filled day. Things may get in your way of having a great day, but how you respond to unfortunate situations is all about CHOICE.

Your choice.


You know I'm here to the rescue. My personal journey of gratitude led me to researching exactly what I needed to do. In order to start my journey, I needed to develop an

"Attitude of Gratitude"

and funny enough there was a book with that exact same title.

Below, I share with you one of the most valuable lessons I walked away with.

Gratitude has many levels to it's existence. Here they are:

I also have this book under my wing if you'd like to read it. It is 33 pages of absolute gratefulness. I believe in the power of numbers, and since I've been vibing higher due to this book, I have it here for you right on my website.

I suggest this e-book because I find it helpful to always educate on the levels in our lives, where we are seeking to learn more and grow into. I will admit, it took me a while to read it, because I had to really tap into everything that was being said and apply it to myself. There are times when looking within is not always an easy process, yet if you're willing, you can accomplish anything.

I want for us to all to step into this gratitude journey together. It has opened my eyes in ways that would be too long to write, but it is an extraordinary feeling. Time to tap into another element of peace, and another healthy food that will feed your soul's appetite.

Love Always,

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