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Happy Wellness Wednesday Beautiful Soul

*Brain activities are so important; get familiar*

I am a fan of word games, puzzles, and anything that can keep my mind healthy. Exercise and nutrition are so important, yet I feel like when I look at posts surrounding health; there are not a lot of focus on cognitive functions. - Your BRAIN.

Sadly, diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia don’t really have a solid explanation as to why they happen. We just know that it happens. When my mother suffered from her stroke back in 2013, I was told that she would not speak again, or have any memory of anything. Basically, they told me my mother would be a “vegetable”. However, I RE-FU-SED to have that happen.

*One day, I will share the FULL story on my mother’s stroke, although it happened 7 years ago, it is still wrenching to speak about*

I was determined to get my mother at least talking. I didn’t believe anything those doctor’s said. So I went on a massive hunt to help my mom in any way possible. Everything I researched told me to “buy-buy-buy”, and those items that were suggested to be purchased were extremely expensive. I was left STUCK and not sure what to do.

When it was time to take my mother home from the hospital, I was scared, nervous, and determined. I was still doing my research to figure out what to do to help her improve her speech. My brother was helpful in bringing his tablet to the hospital at the time, but it wouldn’t always be there. (Due to his work schedule and I didn't have a tablet at the time.)

One day, I decided to take a walk to the Dollar Store in my area, to get a few things. I have a habit of walking around the WHOLE store because I love it. I got to the section where there were crossword puzzles and word searches. I picked one up for myself so I could entertain my brain, and at that point a light went off that said to me: pick one up for my mother, to help with her brain function. I looked through the word search, yet realized the font was too small, so I felt stuck again. Yet another light beamed, “ create them yourself”.

I stood in the aisle for a while thinking how I would create these word searches for my mom by myself. It may have been a good 10 minutes of me standing there; so much so that I started walking again. I came across the plastic white boards for signs and right next to them were markers; AND THAT was the solution to me making my mother’s word searches, tailored to her.

With the white board, I also created sentences that my mom could say, word exercises that would jog her memory and more. We did this several times a week; and the results have been amazing. My mother was not only able to speak again, but remember points in her life where she could fully explain everything from A-Z. If you’re not aware, after having a severe stroke, your memory is highly affected. My mother does have memory issues which is normal in her case, but her sentence structure and ability to speak are highly improved since her incident.


  • They are a breath of fresh air

  • It’s a healthy social media break

  • It tests your memory

  • It improves the mood you’re in

  • It gives you more word power

*Tip: If you're going to create word searches for the elderly as a caregiver, make sure the font is LARGE and you create it in a color that is visible. Black usually works*

I don't want you to wait to improve your cognitive function. Start as soon as you can. To get you started, I have created 4 free word searches for you to start your brain on it's healthier path.

You can download it below. They are PDF's so you'll require ADOBE READER, to get them done, on your tablet or phone.

( If you have a printer you can do it the old school way and print it out)


Once downloaded-click blue pen on right hand side-click on comment-choose 2nd to last icon, choose your color, and then complete as you wish.

Cream Title Cover Page Yearbook (1)
Download PDF • 1.17MB

I will soon have a full book of these for purchase so that you can keep your brain as beautiful as you are. Share this with your family and friends.

Your brain works similar to a computer, make sure you are the one programming it.

(Quote from the mindset journal)

Sending you all love as always,

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