Affirmations for Your Week!

Happy Monday to you!

I just wanted you to come here and start your week off RIGHT, POSITIVE, and Loving yourself in the most incredible way. We are the 2nd full week into 2021 and I believe it would be great for you to have some daily affirmations to get through this week. Here I am, providing you with an awesome week worth of self-loving, self-motivating words to help you make it through. You can copy and paste these, or screenshot them for your week. Whatever you want to do that is convenient and easiest for you. Let’s get started!

MONDAY: I am able to accomplish anything I put my mind to, this week is going to be filled with awesome experiences and new opened doors that I am ready and willing to embrace.

TUESDAY: I know that I am growing and going in the right direction. I will not rush anything. What is meant for me, will be for me, and I will not have to question it.

WEDNESDAY: I’m confident in my abilities to get my work done. I will not doubt myself and remain diligent and consistent in my growth process.

THURSDAY: I am worthy. I deserve the best. I will not allow any negative self-talk to overtake my mind. I will push through.

FRIDAY: I will take time to relax and enjoy my own company. I am practicing solitude for a healthy mind.

SATURDAY: I embrace who I am today in every single way. Life has thrown me curveballs, but I’m strong enough to get through anything.

SUNDAY: This week ahead will be one that I know I will conquer head on. I’m ready to use my mind and positive self-talk to make it and grow through everything. I am grateful.

You can repeat these as many times as you would like during the day. Know that you’ve got this, you can make it through anything. It will not always be peachy and fun, but those are the times where you’ll need to grasp between lessons and losses. Not why me… but TRY ME. You are strong! This is your time!

Much Love as Always,

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